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Posted: May 10, 2013 in Case Studies

Pioneer PartsTechnology Wins Big Contracts for a Small Company

“We bought the Eurotech machine so we can run unmanned and lights out. With the Eurotech SwissTurn Zeit 42SLY-B, the parts process runs complete, unmanned in just one operation.  We’re getting huge jobs done, even when no one is physically here.”
 -Mike Bellone, Owner » read more

Posted: April 11, 2013 in Case Studies

BHIpictured left to right: Mark Danielewicz of AMS, Luke Brader of BHI, Peter Lin of AMS, David Brader of BHI, and Roy Selway of Eurotech at Eurotech’s Customer Party held at Shot Show, Las Vegas,  Nevada

A Partnership Made in Heaven

“We have two of Eurotech Trofeo B481 models and we are hoping to get three more! These machines gave us what we were looking for, namely ONE & DONE. We get a finished part with less handling, tool production is a lot faster and of course we got a huge reduction in cycle time”.
– Susan Brader, Co-Owner at BHI

From the politically successful Abigail and John Adams, to the comedic duo George Burns and Gracie Allen to the infamous gangsters Bonnie and Clyde, these American couples’ success and life stories are the stuff of movies and we never tire of reading about them. Whether they're holding hands or ruling the country, these famous couples have played out real-life dramas that have captured national attention. They achieved something that many try to achieve but fail, i.e., a successful working relationship between each other. And that is what we see in a Houston, Texas based precision manufacturing corporation named BHI.

  » read more

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Case Studies

gsm partsCustomer Shaves Cost Thru Quality & Lean Mfg.

With Eurotech we went from 4 operators to 1, eliminating high labor cost; our savings is huge, ROI more than we expected and the quality of our parts is unbeatable.”  – Ron Buchta, Plant Manager of Gulf South Machine

 The Challenge: In November of 2000, Gulf South Machine was facing a difficult challenge. Since their founding in 1969, they had retained their technical competitive edge. However, they realized that to stay at the forefront of their profession and technology they had to make some changes...

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Winning with Technology as seen in Jade Products
Posted: February 14, 2013 in Case Studies

Jade -productsThe Story of Jade Products is the story of the American dream. John Erickson Sr., co-founder of Jade Products, always had a mechanical mind from the earliest days. In addition, he had the charisma and sense of humor that also con-tributed to Jade Product’s success. » read more

B-axisA “B axis” is the common machining industry term for an articulating tool that is capable of moving in an arbitrary five-axis plane rather than being restricted to the traditional live tool motions found on a Swiss machine where a milling cutter can be positioned perpendicularly to either the diameter or the face of the part. The “B” refers to the letter address typically given to these axes on multitasking lathes capable of machining in five axes. The name “B-axis lathe” has become machining industry shorthand for describing lathes with programmable, articulating milling spindles. » read more

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