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Joe and Cheryl Selway with their youngest daughter Emily and her friends celebrate going BACK TO SCHOOL: Emily is happy to go back to school, unlike her dad when he was this age


When you receive this newsletter, we will be with some of our valued customers on our seventh Splendors of Italy Trip. We take this trip every two years and this year marks a special anniversary, i.e., 55 years of manufacturing and 20 years in the USA! Locations on our agenda this year are Aqui Terme, San Margherita, and Stressa. We then proceed to Hanover, Germany for the EMO show. I’m looking forward to reporting back to you next month with an update on the new technology we will see at the show and of course a recap of our Italy trip.

I’ve enclosed in this issue a copy of an excellent article I read in the Wall Street Journal, titled American Manufacturers Gain Ground on Trade Deficit. It details the narrowing trade gap and new competitive edge on the U.S. factory floor.

Also enclosed is a user story on one of our customers that I believe you’ll enjoy – T & L Automatics, located in Rochester, NY. The story details how they survived a devastating fire, rose from the ashes and achieved their goals. T&L’s owner, Tom Hassett, also explains how you can get an advanced multi-axis machine for free!    “As we got into this niche market a little further we found the Eurotech dual turret machine, the 420SLLY. That machine is absolutely phenomenal. A part on our other multi-axis CNC machines that had a cycle time of 74 seconds we run in 60 seconds on the Eurotech (18% savings)” –Tom Hassett, Owner of T & L

Joe Selway

T&L fireFire Disaster Hits T & L Automatics - Their Rise from the Ashes

On February 24, 2012, shortly after 1:30 AM Rochester, NY fire crews were dispatched to the building of T & L Automatics Inc. on Emerson Street.  First arriving companies reported heavy smoke from a 4-story industrial building and requested a second alarm almost immediately. Due to the size and age of the building, the fire grew to three alarms. Many machines and equipment were destroyed in the fire; but owner Tom Hassett had a vision that even a fire couldn’t keep down.

Four years before this fire, T & L Automatics took a new market direction. They decided to search out better precision work in higher markets, such as medical, aerospace, defense, and fluid power. The owner Tom Hassett has an entrepreneur vision which drew him to the Eurotech products. Anticipating the change in market demand, he took a big step from screw machine work to advanced multi-axis CNC machining.“With a fast machine,” Owner Tom Hassett explained, “you can offset the cost and over time get the machine for free. Return on assets is a main stay of concern in the manufacturing business.  The formulas for this are simple. 

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HALL 17, STAND B54 

EMO is the leading global metalworking trade show and will take place September 16-21. Exhibitors from around the world will be spotlighting their solutions for the challenges of an internationally focused industry in the 21st century. If you are going to EMO, please contact us for FREE tickets to the show! (holding on a first come, first serve basis). At EMO Eurotech will be exhibiting the following technology:

THE RAPIDO - world's fastest 10 axis 1.42” bar machine. 3- tools in the cut simultaneously with powerful 15 hp on both main and sub spindles, delivers 50% faster cycle times. “Triplo” sub spindle and software delivers 3 tools in the cut simultaneously. A rigid fixed head stock design, (2) 12 station live Turrets, 1.97” of Y-Axis Stroke (both turrets), (2) 7000 rpm C-Axis Spindles, Programmable Super Shift Sub-spindle, Programmable Parts Catcher, Parts Conveyor System, 1.42” bar capacity, Great Ergonomics, Compact footprint: 149” x 55”.

THE TROFEO - 11 axis bar machine with clear shift sub, five sizes up to 3.15 bar capacity. Eurotech’s Trofeo series offers a superior design that delivers extremely efficient and fast production of complex components, using live tools, C-axis and Y-axis. This high precision turn/mill center has up to 11-axes with dual turret and dual spindle. The Trofeo series is a cut above its competition with advanced technology: 192 cutting tools for machining complex, precise parts and up to 48 live tools for milling operations.

THE MULTIPLA triple Y axis, five sizes up to 3.15 bar capacity. This all new Multipla line of three turret machines leverages the technology introduced several years ago into Eurotech's immensely popular Trofeo line of two turret machines.  The result is the fastest three turret machine with the highest ROI available today. 

SMART TURN 27 hp B axis ATC, 5 second chip to chip time, 40 hp main spindle and 35 hp sub spindle, 4"bar capacity, 15" chucks. The Multi-Tasking Eurotech SmartTurn that Turns/Mills ALL 6 Sides in One Set-Up. High rigidity and accuracy with solid boxway construction and Heidenhein scales on every axis. Fast and accurate machining complex parts from bar or chuck with Fanuc 31i-T series control.

735SLY -30hp, 6 axis, 2.75 bar machine. 25-35% faster cycle times than traditional multi-axis turning centers, providing unmatched ROI. Utilizing EGS tool system allows up to 96 tools - More Y-axis stroke than any machine in its class! Complete complex parts in one operation, load redundant tools for unattended machining, eliminate set-up time

NEW B1250, 6 axis 40 hp, 49"center, 4"bar, 15" chucks, 16 station turret. The new B1250Y has a new, larger turret with an internal live tool motor, even more Y axis, and a larger machining field.


WSJManufacturers Gain Ground …as seen in the Wall Street Journal

Narrower Trade Gap Is Sign of a New Competitive Edge on U.S. Factory Floor By James R. Hagerty

After more than a decade of losing ground to China and other export powerhouses, U.S. manufacturers are finally showing signs of regaining their competitive edge.

The U.S. deficit on trade of manufactured goods in this year’s first half shrank to $225 billion from $227 billion a year earlier, according to data compiled by Ernest Preeg, an economist and trade expert at the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation, an industry-funded research group in Arlington, Va. The improvement, while slight, came after years of ballooning deficits as the U.S. lost manufacturing business to China, South Korea and other nations.

“It’s a hopeful sign,” said Mr. Preeg, who derives his tally of manufactured-goods trade from official U.S. data, leaving out other types of merchandise, such as grain or coal. “At least we’ve leveled off.”

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