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The Turning Revolution

welcome aboard jim kJoe Selway and Jim Kucienski at the PMTS Show
Jim Kucienski formerly with Citizen has joined forces with Eurotech. With over 25 years of Swiss turning experience, Jim will be the Eurotech SwissTurn Technical Product Manager.

It’s Show Season!
Show season is always busy for us; from the Precision Machining Technology Show in Columbus to the NRA Convention in Houston, TX to the Eastec Show in Springfield, MA the Eurotech engineering team has been busier than usual. The reason is Turnkey’d Machines – more and more customers are approaching us at the shows and asking for their machines to arrive turnkey’d…gaining the competitive edge with the machine arriving with the part made to print and ready to run! Be sure to see our 3 top selling machines at EASTEC (inlcuding the world's fastest machine - the Rapido!) at CNC System's Booth #1218.  Click here to add to your EASTEC Show Planner>> We look forward to seeing you there!

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Pioneer PartsCustomer Spotlight: Technology Wins Big Contracts for a Very Small Company
“We bought the Eurotech machine so we can run unmanned and lights out. With the Eurotech SwissTurn Zeit 42SLY-B, the parts process runs complete, unmanned in just one operation.  We’re getting huge jobs done, even when no one is physically here.”  - -Mike Bellone, Owner
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Show iconSee Eurotech's Top 3 Selling Machines at EASTEC: the Rapido, 735SLY and SwissTurn Blitz!
Eurotech's Rapido, 735 SLY and SwissTurn Blitz machines will be in operation at CNC System's Booth. Plus meet our new team members Tom Lemay and Jim Kucienski who will be working the booth with Joe and Roy Selway.

Eurotech Elite 735 SLY The Eurotech Elite 735 SLY, 2.75” bar capacity, 6-axis turn/mill center: delivering up to 25-35% faster cycle times than traditional multi-axis turning centers and providing unmatched ROI. This 735SLY completes complex parts in one operation; load redundant tools for unattended machining; eliminate set-up time. The 735 turn-mill center combining the facilities of both a lathe and a 5-axis machining center (X, Z, Y, C, B) accomplishing off-center milling-drilling operations that are impossible to complete with C-axis only. Utilizing EGS tool system allows up to 96 tools - More Y-axis stroke than any machine in its class!

"We didn't believe it until they proved it. We since have bought more Eurotechs - they are much faster than the big name generic brands." - Bob Coster, Nolte Precise

Eurotech Elite Rapido Super Impose ClearShift Sub-Spindle! The Eurotech Rapido Dual-Y with powerful 15 HP on both main and sub spindles delivers 50% faster cycle times.• 10 axis turn/mill machining center • (2) 12 station live Turrets with 1.97” of Y-Axis Stroke • (2) 7000 rpm C-Axis Spindles – Programmable Super Shift Sub-spindle • Programmable Parts Catcher and Parts Conveyor System • Great Ergonomics • Compact footprint: 149” x 55”

"With Eurotech, we went from 35 minutes on 14 machines to 6 minutes on 1 machine." - Marcelo Eiti Okada, Process Development Mgr, TAURUS

 Eurotech SwissTurn Blitz Convertible from bushing to non guide bushing. Eurotech’s SwissTurn Blitz 12/16 SY2-B series is a 10 axis Swiss type lathe that offers fully programmable B-axis on main and sub spindle. The dual Y-axis is capable of pinch turning or milling on both main and sub spindle. With up to 27 cutting tools, 11 live tools, and C-axis on the main and sub spindle the Blitz gives lightning fast and efficient production of complex parts. Eurotech SwissTurn (sliding headstock CNC) models are available from 12mm to 42mm: most models with patented B-axis rotation to machine parts in the main or sub spindle.  

“The accuracy, rigidity of the Eurotech SwissTurn is awesome and it holds amazing tolerances. We are holding tolerances of .0002 and we love the B-axis capability.    -Paul Ott, Owner of Ott Brothers Machine



The Good: USA consumption increase up 19% from 2011 was much better than any of the top 20 consuming countries and #2 in the world in total consumption. Also good is that the next best in the top 10 consuming countries only increased 2% and most of the countries in the top dropped significantly.

The Bad and Scary: Even though it dropped for the first time in several years, China Still consumes more than the top 9 countries put together. The Hope: the USA compared to most of the large consuming countries has demographics on its side which history has proven is the best economic indicator, while countries like china and Japan face a huge challenge in this regard. We have also seen a continued shift in manufacturing in the USA towards technology that flattens the effect of wage differences in competing with lower paid countries.
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