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Eurotech Newsletter, March, 2013

Edition: March, 2013

Customer Spotlight Article
Eurotech Customer , Gulf South Machine, Shaves Cost Thru Quality & Lean Manufacturing

Joe Selway w new grandchildren Joe Selway with 3 new grandchildren

 Note From Owners:
     At both the PMTS and Eastec shows this spring, we will have the new Eurotech Rapido (the machine the industry is talking about), a dual Y turn/mill machine with 3-tools in the cut simultaneously. Also you will see the new investment that Citizen, Star and Tsugami users are making… the new SwissTurn Zeit. “The SwissTurn machine can do so much more than the other Swiss machines and we love the B-axis! We are holding tolerances of 0.0002.” – Paul Ott, Owner of Ott Brothers Machine Company.  If you are traveling to these shows please be sure to visit our booth. More>>

     On another note, we wanted to share a clip from Dr. Mayland’s International Trade Report.
From Dr. Ken Mayland, President of ClearView Economics, LLC: The international trade deficit of goods and services plummeted $10.1B for December.  Exports for December rose $3.9B while imports contracted $6.2B. Nice! Outsourcing update - The U.S. imported “other private services” of $16.2B in December, but we exported $23.9B of these services.  In other words, we continue to sustain a healthy surplus in the trade category.

     In regards to our FREE Customer Training, Knowledge is the power of productivity! Thousands of CNC machinists have trained at our FREE Eurotech College.   By listening to our customers’ needs, Eurotech has established a value that delivers more benefits to our customers than anything else in the industry, benefiting companies such as G.E., Pitney Bowes, Parker Hannifen, Goodrich Aerospace, Honeywell, Westinghouse, Stryker, Timken, Smith Nephew, Textron, Tyco, Festo, Gates, Beretta, Bennelli, Taurus, Remington, Ferrari, Perazzi, Keltec, Infinity, Sako and many others. Our next Free program training class will be held the first week of August (6-8) in New England. More>>


  Q. Why are Citizen, Star and Tsugami users
investing in the Eurotech SwissTurn Zeit 42?

A. “Because of a better ROI”

SwissTurn ZeitThe Zeit 42 has a fully capable B-axis column to mill and drill on both the main and sub spindle. The Zeit is convertible from guide bushing to non guide bushing. It is available in 25 mm, 32 mm or 42 mm. And if you want this capability in a smaller machine ask about the Blitz 12mm or 16mm machine.

“The capability and versatility of the SwissTurn Zeit, coupled with the great price can’t be beat!”

 The SwissTurn Zeit is an 8-axis CNC Swiss type auto lathe - the ultimate for bar machining and auto loaded components. The main performance benefits offered:

  • Reduction of cycle times
  • Great rigidity to allow machining of tough materials
  • 27 Cutting tools standard
  • Ergonomics for quick and easy access for retooling operations
  • C-axis on main and sub.
  • Shift for rear working tools.
  • The first and best B-axis Swiss machine in the world
  • The superior design delivers extremely efficient and fast production of complex parts using live tools, Y-axis and B-axis
  • Programmable parts handling and conveyor system for the main and sub spindle.
  • Cross spindle and bevel drill/mill tool holes help you to do drilling, milling and tapping on cross slide and bevel.
  • Main spindle and back spindle can work simultaneously or separately



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