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"Knowledge is the power of productivity!" For 20 years we have offered FREE lifetime training to our valued customers as well as free engineering phone support. We have found this to be an important factor in helping our customers become profitable. Thousands of CNC machinists have trained at our FREE Eurotech College.

Thousands of CNC machinists have trained at our FREE Eurotech College.   By listening to our customers’ needs, Eurotech has established a value that delivers more benefits to our customers than anything else in the industry, benefiting companies such as G.E., Pitney Bowes, Parker Hannifen, Goodrich Aerospace, Honeywell, Westinghouse, Stryker, Timken, Smith Nephew, Textron, Tyco, Festo, Gates, Beretta, Bennelli, Taurus, Remington, Ferrari, Perazzi, Keltec, Infinity, Sako and many others.

Classes taught by Eurotech’s engineer, Larry Greenawalt, programming expert since 1984.

  • Factory Certified Training
  • Proven to Increase ROI
  • Reduces Machine Downtime
  • 100% Guaranteed Better Cycle Time
  • New & Unique Ideas for Parts Processing
  • YOUR Parts in One Operation

The Eurotech programming class will cover the fundamentals of multi-axis programming and will inspire new and unique ideas for processing complex turned and milled parts. Programming manuals are used as a guideline for instruction and to help identify where much of the information is located. More concentration is put on formatting than actual coordinates. A full agenda will be sent upon registration. Participants are encouraged to bring their own programs, parts and questions. A Program Certificate will be awarded to all those who complete the class.

Classes are free to Eurotech Original Buyers. (All others are $350.00 per day.) Students should already have 2 axis programming ability. Students are to bring notebook and calculator and are responsible for their own transportation, lodging and meals. Recommendations will be sent upon registration.

"Awesome class. Great instructor! Very knowledgeable information given during the 3 days of training. I love Eurotechs! Thank you." - Joshua Farney, Harken Mfg.

"Class was 5 Stars. The instruction was great as was the training binder. Thank you for the awesome two days of training." - Dan Gibbons, J.C. Gibbons Mfg. Inc.

"The instructor is very knowledgeable. Class was good refresher course. Confirmed that I was doing things right. 5 stars" -Ricky Whitmire, Greenlee Textron

Free Customer Training Schedule


Date: September 26 | Wed | 11AM - 11:30AM
Seminar: How to Select the Right Live Tools
Location: Webinar


Date: October 15, 16, 17 | Tue, Wed, Thur
Seminar: Basic Fanuc Programming
Location: Chicago

Date: October 18 | Fri
Seminar: Advanced Fanuc Programming
Location: Chicago


Date: November 13, 14, 15 | Tue, Wed, Thur
Seminar: Eurotech Rapido B438 Workshop
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Date: November 21 | Fri
Seminar: What is Prime Turning?
Location: Webinar


Date: December 3, 4, 5 | Tue, Wed, Thur
Seminar: Swissturn Programming
Location: Florida


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